Advisory Board

  • 4Gr Grundschobium

    Eva Grundschober

    DNA Sorceress

    Likes to visualize Darwins chemistry

    Eva Grundschober

    Certifies medicines after her PhD in molecular biology

    Favorite Element: Neon
    shines bright like a diamond

  • 8Kr Kraline

    Paul Kral

    Pr O Bi Er Es

    Chemistry is our life - in your classroom too?

    Paul Kral

    Teacher, Trainer, Motivator, Networker

    Favorite Element: Sodium

  • 1H Hydrogenium

    Werner Gruber

    Single Base-OH

    nice people - and you can learn cool stuff easily

    Werner Gruber

    real science

    Favorite Element: Hydrogenium
    it is the element of the universe

  • 3Sm Selminium

    Selma Prodanovic

    Pro-active Accelerator

    Because transforming education into future-oriented "fun and easy way to learn" is a great challenge I want to be part of

    Selma Prodanovic

    Let's talk about the future

    Favorite Element: Oxygen
    because this is what we are made of and what we need to live

  • 1Lu Ludarium

    Thomas Kunze

    Future Catalyzer

    Changing the future with games

    Thomas Kunze

    Founder Game Institute Austria

    Favorite Element: Californium