play, for the job of your dreams

Quizness is a next-gen mobile business game. Explore real and up-to-date jobs from your region. Play always and everywhere. Quizness is different every time. Depending on where you play, you can choose between different companies.

Play single or amongst friends. Independently how you play, Quizness adapts to your skills and interests automatically. You will be surprised what range of jobs match your style.

Quizness is under development. If you want to beta-test, just write us an email. You are at a company that wants to participate? Send us a note and we will reply with more infos.


Play together in a group or single

Quizness adapts with machine learning to player skills and interests

Quizness adapts to player location

Companies can include jobs and events

Multimedia questions and mini-games for your dream job