• 1How
    the reagent found
    the catalyst (the early days)

    In summer 2014, disenchanted by their corporate work, Philipp Wissgott and Klemens Senn started their venture, the Waltzing Atoms Project. The, in the beginning, vague idea of simple making cool and useful software, shaped, and created the sense that this could be something big. It were days full of juvenile naivety, when experienced believers in the project helped to establish a sense of entrepreneurship. The times changed when Waltzing Atoms had its official Kick-Off event at 10.10 (a kind of decibinarydrome) at the Viennese Urania.

  • 2Coming
    up for air (fall 2014)

    After the local disclosure, at the end of October 2014, Waltzing Atoms rocked the Pioneers festival at the Viennese Hofburg. In a historical environment, the team showed their prototype and ideas of an interactive chemistry application for the first time. Everything was small, but impressive and, especially, it worked. At the end of the day, we got a lot of new friends and believers, the Waltzing team was surely on the right track.

  • 3The
    oxidation state
    (winter 2014/2015)

    The team needed some fuel to keep the reaction running, and looked thus for funding and good conditions. What then followed was beyond their wildest dream: winning the AWS ‘Innovative Services’ call as one out of 18 contestants (~10% acceptance rate) future was save and the rise could begin…

  • 4Birth
    of the mobile
    philosopher’s stone (Spring 2015)

    Everybody in the Waltzing Atoms team is developing, designing, (hmmm, some contemplating)- simply playing the midwife for the cool mobile and web stuff that is in the making. Chances are high that kickoff might become release much faster than thought. It started with Chemistry and it will end with Chemistry, in between there will be a lot of hard work, effort and push for the open, but always enough heart and love to keep it going.

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