Waltzing Atoms App

Discover chemistry playfully

Chemistry is a fascinating adventure - but how does the tiny world of atoms work?

Complete the molecule riddles and find out interesting chemistry facts - but take care, one wrong atom can make a poison!

The Waltzing Atoms mobile app has been released for Android and iOS by a Vienna-based software team that is all crazy about chemistry and the digital classroom revolution.

I like the app very much, very vivid chemistry.
Student, HBLVA Rosensteingasse, Vienna
The app is pretty cool. Could change chemistry lessons once and for all.
Student, HLBVA Spengergasse, Vienna
The app is great and very informative indeed.
Student, HLBVA Rosensteingasse, Vienna


Understanding molecular background of the environment

Collect XP for solving exercises and reach the next level

Exploring reactions step by step