Key Players

  • 9Wi Wissgottium

    Philipp Wissgott

    Co-Founder & Critical Catalyst

    Thinks that learning should be fun and interaction is the ideal way to get there

    Philipp Wissgott

    Mastered Physics and Math at the TU Vienna, simulator with heart (this algorithm needs more power!)

    Favorite Element: Sb
    rebellious and unadapted

  • 8Se Senogen

    Klemens Senn

    Co-Founder & Transmuting Equilibrium

    Having interests in automatization and machine interaction, he is highly motivated to learn new things and sharpen his mind.

    Klemens Senn

    Studying electrical engineering enabled his programming skills and inspired him to tutor other students. An excursion into airborne systems and high performance computing finally leaded to Waltzing Atoms.

    Favorite Element: Pl
    Platinum is cool, because of the color and the strength

  • 4H Hauerogen

    Alex Hauer

    Dev Master & Synthesized DNA Compound

    Discovering new things as well as new perspectives on old stuff

    Alex Hauer

    Studying Software Engineering at TU Vienna and building all sorts of web apps

    Favorite Element: Potassium
    it can start a fire. IN water

  • 13La Lasabium

    Sabrina Lampl

    Communication & Social Catalyst

    I love to learn something new in a playful way.

    Sabrina Lampl

    I studied theatre, film and media sciences.

    Favorite Element: Krypton
    I just have to find a way to combine it with ite and finally nobody will stand in my way of world domination

  • 13M Maxium

    Max Rieger

    Web Dev Department & Synthetic Water Dispenser

    Bring IT tools to the classroom

    Max Rieger

    Studies computer science at TU Vienna, in his spare time interferes with AI and NI

    Favorite Element: Carbon
    behind all known life

  • 2Ro Roschalium

    Andreas Roschal

    Chemical (Over-)Reactor

    Learning through gamification makes education more entertaining and exciting for everyone.

    Andreas Roschal

    I study Computer Science and Visual Computing at the TU Vienna. In my free time I develop small games and prototypes as a hobby.

    Favorite Element: Helium
    because I like airships ... and inhaling it can make you sound like a smurf

  • 4Ko Korenium

    Denise Korenjak

    Design Director & Alkane Creatress

    Thinks there is a lot more to discover in digital learn experience

    Denise Korenjak

    Studied Graphic- and Communication-Design at Die Graphische. Designer with great passion for typography, elegant and simple design.

    Favorite Element: Beryllium
    in the middle ages it was used as a magic glass to enlarge letters for better legibility

  • 0Th Thiasium

    Matthias Eder

    Webdev Department & Inert Synthesizer

    Matthias Eder

    Electronics, Digital Control, Embedded Systems, Web Development, Programming

    Favorite Element: Hydrogen
    the lightest element

  • 42Ma Maschium

    Matthias Maschek

    Mobile Director & Free Radical Condensator

    Mankind always learned through telling stories and experience the world on their own. The digital interactive medium always fascinates me combining both worlds and reaching all parts of the brain to learn.

    Matthias Maschek

    When I am not forced to be serious, I build crazy little games that will make you giggle like a little child.

    Favorite Element: Pu
    Because it sounds like a Disney Dog, but still scares everyone!

  • 99? ???ium

    You ?

    Fascinated about learning and digital interaction?

    You ?

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    Favorite Element: ?