Office 365 Add-In

Present your molecules

Waltzing Atoms for Office enables you to embed 3D visualizations of molecules into PowerPoint and Excel. You can rotate and zoom the molecule to your favorite position. By opening the document, you will see it in the same view.

Adding the Add-In to your document shows you the PubChem search dialog. Selecting a molecule name shows its preview. Clicking on "embed" permanently inserts the molecule into your document. To convince you of the functionality, you get 20 free embeds for your registration.

In Office 365, Waltzing Atoms opens a digital window that brings depth to plain chemical molecules. It's impressive. And the audiences love it.
Sarah Armstrong, Director, Education Sector, Microsoft Western Europe


Excel support

PowerPoint support

Zoom and rotate molecules during your presentation


365 day

Embed your molecules for 365 days
Price: 50€
Duration: 365 days