Hunting Atoms

The digital-interactive treasure hunt

Hunting Atoms is an exciting chemistry treasure hunt for every age. The riddle is how to build a do it yourself battery. Solving this riddle means to absorb atoms from the stations. Finally you know how to build the experiment on your own.

How is the surrounding world connected to molecular chemistry? Hunting Atoms focuses this question. The treasure hunt consists of the free app (Android and iOS) and the atoms-stations (can be ordered here). With theses stations you can organize your own treasure hunt either in-house or somewhere in the wild - So you can connect every days objects with the microcosm of the atoms.


Learn how to build a battery

Absorb atoms from real items

Order the Box at Buchverlag Lemberger


Waltzing Atoms Black Box

The black box contains the kit for building the experiment and a do it yourself molecule
Price: 20€

Hunting Gold Atoms Box

The gold box contains 2 black boxes, the stations for the treasure hunt and a description
Price: 79€