Waltzing Atoms Lab

In charge of the digital class room

Enter the Waltzing Atoms Lab and become a digital educator of the 21st century. With the Lab you can connect with your class digitally while you are in the class.

Create and post playful chemical exercises that the students solve on their smart phones or tablets, get instant feedback how fast your problems are understood - all in one browser app.

How does it work? The students load the free Waltzing Atoms App on their devices. In your Lab you can invite them to your digital class. The students log in, and voila: your class room has been established!

You want to present something to the entire class room? Try out our presentation mode! Here, you can share your view with your students - it has never been so easy to teach chemistry. Individually. Globally.

Very successfully used in the classroom, inspires students
Katharina, teacher in Vienna
Binding structures and their changes can be illustrated vividly and explained more clearly than anywhere else
Wolfgang, teacher in Vienna
Illustrative, suitable for individualization
Michaela, teacher in Vienna
In the age of advancing digitalization, a meaningful and compensatory method for modern chemistry teaching
Armin, teacher in Hartkirchen
Representation of chemical compounds, really drives the imagination of students
Dietmar, teacher in Tamsweg
Easy to use for teachers and students
Helene, teacher in Kirchdorf
Very vivid, contains good information
Betram, teacher in Gratwein
Students really like it
Harald, teacher in Gmuend
Illustrative molecules that can also be embedded in other applications
Sandra, teacher in Gleisdorf
Until now we are using a real molecular kit, now more and more this program
Ralph, teacher in Marienberg
Easy handling, self-explanatory
Eva, teacher in Schladming


3D visualization of molecules and chemical reactions

Interactive 3D-riddles for chemical reactions

Works in all modern web browsers

Presentation mode: educator shares view with students

Stores real-time performance of students

Create new problems easily: pubchem interface and mol-file support



1 educator
Price: 100€
Duration: 1 year


10 educators
Price: 800€
Duration: 1 year

Triple Silver

1 educator
Price: 200€
Duration: 3 years

Triple Gold

10 educators
Price: 1600€
Duration: 3 years