Waltzing Atoms
Klemens Senn, Philipp Wissgott
August 2014
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Waltzing Atoms won the "Innovative Services" Call 2014 and is funded by the AWS (

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Waltzing Atoms helps to playfully inspire young people from science using mobile and web technology


Waltzing Atoms was founded in summer 2014. After talking with teachers and friends, the team was shocked that courses are still held with the same equipment and methods as in their own time in school. Believing that education is the most important resource in the digital era, Klemens and Philipp wanted to stop talking about improving conditions and to start acting to provide remedies.

Waltzing Atoms School (WAS)

The key element of the thus developed concepts was the complete flexibility of the teaching personnel before and during their courses. Currently, mobile technologies are (if, at all) used to view content formerly to be found in books. The new generation of apps, Waltzing Atoms is leading, allows for a seamless interaction between mobile devices which leads to revolutionary ways of teaching:
  1. Teachers can adapt the topics and content directly during the lessons. Hence, the courses can be individually customized for particular classes and even individual students in class.
  2. The technology of Waltzing Atoms brings the digital classroom to life: School is not a physical building any more, but the students can learn anywhere and anywhen. Teachers can post new exercises independently of a fixed time table.
  3. Teachers can share their exercises world-wide, thus every teacher can flexibly design an individual curriculum, combining elements of an international community. Expertise is exchanged accelerating the progress to improve educational techniques all over the world.

Waltzing Atoms School Chemistry

As a first effort, the Waltzing Atoms initiative focuses on software for chemistry courses. This mobile app lets students solve molecular chemistry riddles, broadcasted by the teachers. The goal is to encourage students to touch molecules and play with them. From a central device the teacher can control the chemical exercises and, furthermore, share his digital desktop to the student s for presentation of chemical structures.


Klemens Senn was born in Imst, Tyrol, Austria and studied electrical engineering at the TU Vienna. After finishing his studies, he worked as software developer for airborne systems and nano-lithography tools. He is always teased by automating processes and abstracting problems.

Philipp Wissgott grew up in Vienna, Austria and studied mathematics and physics at the TU Vienna. During his own education, Philipp created game-like environments to motivate himself to learn and to solve problems. He thinks science is beautiful and magical, and that we should provide more ways to experience it playfully. The world is a playground of mysteries that Philipp likes to explore whenever possible.

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